Social work topics using dissertation examples for effectively structuring your ideas

Before you start to write your own Social Work dissertation, you need to think about how you will structure your ideas and build on some of the examples that you would like to use to illustrate the points that you are trying to make. The best way to do this is by making reference to examples from other essays and critiques.

Ideally you can ask your Professor if they have some samples of work that follow similar ideas to your own, but if this is not possible then you can have a look online by using appropriate keywords and use an academic search engine to find some. Ideally you need to find several pieces of work that have been annotated or marked as exemplary.

  • Find examples of work that are well structured, flow with a logical progression of ideas. Finding pieces of work that meet your criteria to support you r ideas will help your reader to make the appropriate links.
  • Start by making a map of the pathway through your work, by doing this it can give you a visual roadmap that will show you where you need to make reference to other pieces to work to illustrate you point.
  • The time you spend making your own road map of ideas will pay off as when you make reference to other examples it will not only show your important readers (your Professor & the Examiners) your thought process but that you also have sound practical knowledge.
  • As much as possible use other papers to illustrate practical applications of the theories that you have covered in your background knowledge of your topic. Preferably use work by others that is fairly recent and not so obscure that it is difficult to see the link.
  • Check each of your sections to make sure that you have not added several citations to the work by others to illustrate one point, yet have not cited anything to support some of your main ideas.

Be selective of the work that you choose to support your ideas and theories. If in doubt talk it over with a colleague or your professor.