Choosing A Proper Dissertation Title: Advice For Dummies

More often than not, students will put off choosing a dissertation title until the very end – after they are more certain about what their projects are really about. It’s a sound strategy that works for many, but there still a few more details that can help you in making the absolute best choice. Here are some tips I learned from professional academic writers who do this for a living.

Know What the Audience Expects

There are several different things you need to insert into a dissertation title page – e.g., your name, your advisor’s name, the institution’s name, and the publication date – but none of these is as important as the main title. It needs to be explanatory and descriptive – try to avoid anything vague or general. Each word must serve a clear purpose in telling the audience what they can reasonably expect in reading your work. If you need assistance editing your title so that there is no confusion, try handing it to a few of your colleagues and see if they can tell you what it is they expect for the document to be about.

Know What the Audience Learns

Another important piece of advice in coming up with a good title is to spend some time reviewing dissertation title examples from previously published works within your discipline. You can find these by going to the library (perhaps you held on to something from your research) or you can search online databases. Professional writing services can provide you with several custom titles for you to reference in the development of your own. The cost is quite affordable and can be tremendously helpful.

Understand the Major Components

Before we discuss the major components of a well-written title, it’s good to ask yourself the question: What is a dissertation title? A title should always tell the reader what the purpose of your research study is all about. It should in simple terms indicate the area in which you are interested in exploring and indicate the main focus of your study. Think about keywords when developing different titles. At some point your study will be looked up by a future academic (either a professional or a student) and they will need something besides the abstract to clearly and concisely explain to them what your dissertation is all about.

Now you should know everything there is about how to come up with dissertation title. Use this advice to develop a few options and select the one that achieves the most with as few words as possible. Your title for dissertation will be the first thing a reader sees and remembers, so it’s a great idea to spend ample time making sure you come up with a great one.